New England Grass Fed | Organically and Humanely Raised Local Beef, Pork and Rabbit
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Grass Fed Beef at Cloverbud Ranch

New England Grass Fed LLC has been raising the finest grass-fed beef and free-ranged heritage pork LOCALLY, NATURALLY, HUMANELY AND SUSTAINABLY since 2011. We care deeply about our animals and provide a long stress-free life with no chemical input rotationally grazing on 100 acres of lush coastal pasture at our Cloverbud Ranch property in Portsmouth, RI.

Our traditional artisanal methods represent only 2% of American beef production. We require a large amount of space and a long time to grow out our cattle to a high standard. We purchase weaned yearlings from known grass-fed herds in RI, NY, MA and VA and graze them for 18-24 months up to 1100 lb market weight. We focus on northern heritage breeds like Red Devon, efficient medium-sized animals with an ability to finish on grass to outstanding quality. Carcasses are dry-aged for 2 weeks tenderizing the meat and intensifying the powerful beef flavor.

Our all-natural 100% grass-fed beef tastes incredible. These are not our words but the words of Newport Restaurant Group and other farm-to-table chefs who choose our products.

Order a selection pack of Grass Fed Beef and have it delivered to your Rhode Island home. More info

$275 delivery in RI included, shipping outside RI $30-45. Contact us re: shipping details


Our Staff

Rotational Grazing on Lush Coastal Pastures

Cattle are natural ruminants with 4 stomachs evolved to eat green plants - grass, clover and weeds and baled hay in winter. We accept slower weight gain and lower production based on our respect for the land's carrying capacity. We protect and improve the fields as our cattle eat the tops of the grass and are moved along to greener pastures with the aid of mobile electric fencing. As they move from place to place they leave valuable manure behind - building soil fertility, enhancing the land's water-holding capacity, regrowing high-value forage and eliminating the need for fertilizer or herbicides.

Free-Ranged Heritage Hogs grown for us at Chimney Hill Farm in Petersham, MA

Our free-ranged heritage pork is contract grown for us at a friend's hilltop farm in central MA that honors the animal. The cross-bred mix of Hampshire, Hereford and Large Black breeds are good mothers and grow the tastiest meat chosen by many top chefs as the pigs run, play and explore 85 acres of woods - happy family groups in a stimulating, low-stress environment. They eat a lot of dirt rooting in the forest and develop incredible mineral-rich flavor with never any hormones or chemical input. They receive non-GMO whole grain ration (no stale bread or Table Talk pies), along with pumpkins, vegetables and hay.

Our rare Silver Fox rabbits are chosen by many top chefs

Our rare Silver Fox rabbits thrive in our pasture colony model that takes longer than standard commercial production but is well worth the effort. The meat is dense, flavorful and incredibly good for you. We currently have 12 breeding does and 2 unrelated bucks for healthy genetic diversity. They are excellent mothers with lots of milk for their large, fast-growing kits and have great hardiness for living outdoors through the winter. We are committed to the preservation of this rare heritage breed. They have gone to the kitchens of Tom Colicchio, Dan Barber and Jacques Pepin along with farm-to-table chefs in Newport and Providence.

Scott Kirmil, The Wharf Pub Newport and Diego’s Restaurants

 The meats we purchase from New England Grass Fed and serve to our guests have been an amazing addition to several menus in our restaurant group. From the delicious burgers we serve at The Wharf Pub in Newport to our braised and smoked beef tacos and pork sausages at Diego’s Barrio Cantina, all have been a huge hit with guests.