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Better By The Half

Better By The Half

Our top-quality, heart-healthy 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef can look a little bit expensive compared with the feedlot junk that is out there on the market. We focus on heritage breeding from a number of rotationally grazed source herds that have the ability to finish low-stress animals to amazing quality at smaller size scaled to coastal New England pastures. We know you have choices and that budget considerations inform family buying decisions. In recognition of that fact, we keep the price of our braising cuts affordable – comfort food for the slow-cooker with wine, garlic, stock, root vegetables, herbs and a little tomato paste. Folks seeking value on a bigger scale will be pleased to know that we are once again announcing our popular “Herd Share” program that lets you purchase a 1/2 beef – dry-aged, cut & Cry-O-Vac packaged to your specs – at significant savings off our Farmers Market prices. Your half will yield over 200 pounds of meat plus bones and organs for $1750 – steaks, brisket, chuck, top round, sirloin, stew cubes, burger, shanks & short ribs. Everyone has been happy with the result (references available) and several families have a standing re-order.

We are once again purchasing superior cross-bred Red Devon yearlings from our friends at 4 Seasons Farm in central PA. This year we’ll bring in an even dozen for finish grazing here in RI rather than the 8 we normally purchase. The van Kirk family raises incredibly efficient beef cattle with old English pasture-based genetics that convert grass into tasty fat that keeps the beef moist. Bob grazes his animals over 90 acres, making sure they always have fresh grass in front of them, leave good manure trampled in behind them and return to high-value regrowth a month later.

Many chefs and retail customers tell us the deep powerful mineral flavor in this beef is the best they’ve ever had. These animals gain their back fat or “finish” at or around 2 years of age without needing to be wintered over a second time, a cost savings we can pass along to you. They tend to be fine-boned which gives us excellent yield compared with big modern production animals that often need supplemental corn and grain. Most importantly, our grass-fed beef is far more nutritious than conventional grain-fed beef.

From Cooking Light magazine – “A study by researchers at California State University in Chico examined three decades of research and found that beef from pasture-raised cows fits more closely into goals for a diet lower in saturated fat and higher in “good fats” and other beneficial nutrients (CLA). Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, contains more healthy omega-3 fats, more vitamins A and E, higher levels of antioxidants, and up to seven times the beta-carotene.”

grass fed natural beef

50% deposit secures your 1/2 beef. Balance due at delivery. Animals available starting in May. If 200 pounds sounds like too much, consider “cow-pooling” with another family. You will be glad you did since you probably already spend this amount on inferior product.

Respecting the Protein, PMB

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