New England Grass Fed | Inside New England Grass Fed
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Inside New England Grass Fed

Our all-natural 100% grass-fed beef tastes incredible.  These are not our words but the words of the Newport Restaurant Group and other farm-to-table chefs who choose our products.

We buy yearling steers from known grass-fed herds in RI, NY, PA & VT.  We graze them locally for 18-24 months on top-quality grass to slaughter weight and have them dry-aged for two weeks.

New England Grass Fed LLC raises grass-fed beef to its highest potential.  Our animals are rotationally grazed in southern RI with no chemical input.  We focus on the northern heritage breeds like cross-bred Red Devon, known to be efficient medium-sized animals with an ability to finish on grass to outstanding quality.  We dry-age for 2 weeks tenderizing and intensifying the powerful beef flavor.

Our beef is enjoyed at the finest local restaurants (Castle Hill Inn, Waterman Grille, The Wharf Pub, The Boat House, kg Kitchen Bar, Diego’s Barrio Cantina, Brix at Newport Vineyards) and can be enjoyed in your home too!!  Order a 20-pound mix & match Pasture Pack and save 10%-15% on the best beef you’ll ever taste.

Our pork is contract grown for us at a family farms in central MA.  We purchase heritage varieties that have the innate fitness and maternal instinct to thrive in a pasture and woodland program.  They seem to enjoy exploring their stimulating,  low-stress environment in happy family groups.  The mothers nest and raise their own litters, an unknown occurrence for the vast majority of the commercial pork industry.

Our rare Silver Fox rabbits thrive in our grass-fed model that takes longer than standard commercial production but is well worth the effort.  The meat is dense, flavorful and incredibly good for you.  We currently have 12 breeding does and 2 unrelated bucks for healthy genetic diversity in our meat herd at several friends’ farms and homesteads nearby.  They are excellent mothers for their large, fast-growing kits and have great hardiness for living outdoors through the winter.  We are committed to the preservation of this rare heritage breed.