New England Grass Fed | New England Grass Fed at Cloverbud Ranch
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New England Grass Fed at Cloverbud Ranch

We have been raising the finest 100% grass-fed beef and free-ranged heritage pork LOCALLY, NATURALLY, HUMANELY AND SUSTAINABLY since 2011.  We care deeply about our animals and provide them with a long stress-free life rotationally grazing on 55 acres of lush coastal pasture at our Cloverbud Ranch property in Portsmouth, RI.

Our traditional artisanal methods represent only 2% of America’s beef production. We require a large amount of space and a long time to grow out our cattle to a high culinary standard. In fact, twice as long as commodity feedlot beef which has been scaled to industrial production levels by depending on grain ration which fattens them quickly.

Our all-natural 100% grass-fed beef tastes incredible.  These are not our words but come from many farm-to-table chefs and discerning home cooks who choose our flavorful, nutrient-dense, locally grown meat.  Our beef is high in healthy Omega-3 fats and has 7 times the B vitamins of grain-fed beef.  We are grateful for your confidence and ongoing support of our efforts.

We do not maintain a breeding herd due management challenges presented by a cow-calf operation.  Instead we purchase yearling steers and heifers from other grass-fed herds in RI, NY, MA & VT.  We graze them for 6-18 months on our top-quality grass to slaughter weight and have them processed at a humane USDA facility with inspectors on site. Carcasses are hung in a dry cooler for 2 weeks tenderizing and intensifying the powerful beef flavor and then custom cut and Cry-o-Vac packaged according to our specifications.

New England Grass Fed LLC raises grass-fed beef to its highest potential.  Our animals are rotationally grazed  with no chemical input.  We focus on the northern heritage breeds like cross-bred Red Devon, known to be efficient medium-sized animals with an ability to finish on grass to outstanding quality.  Find out for yourself.