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Organize A Grass-Fed Gang

Organize A Grass-Fed Gang

As part of our effort to expand our family subscription program this year we are encouraging customers who have enjoyed our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef in the past to gather a few other families who share our values and order Pasture Packs in a group purchase to be delivered to one location.

Each Pasture Pack includes 20 pounds of your choice of steaks, roast, ground beef and braising cuts for $200. We come up with a mix together that would normally cost $220-$230 at the Farmers Market. Packs would be delivered to one location in RI or nearby MA or CT for a flat $75 fee. We will be happy to go as far as Worcester / Plymouth / Greater Boston / Fairfield County for additional mileage fee.

The organizer or “herd boss” will be rewarded with a $50 gift certificate for our grass-fed beef and pastured heritage pork for every $1000 ordered. We look forward to helping your family choose top-quality pastured meat raised LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY. Our beef has been enjoyed by many chefs for several years now and we are excited to be growing some of the finest 100% grass-fed beef in southern New England with the help of our grazing partners. We are headed out to PA in a couple of weeks to tag our year’s supply of cross-bred Red Devons that will come here to Rhode Island for finish grazing. These animals have given us outstanding steaks and burgers for the past two years. Devons have an unmatched ability to fatten on grass due to their old heritage genetics. The deep powerful flavor and light clean fat makes this a beef-eating experience unlike any other.

For families looking to save money and buy in bulk we will also have 1/2 animals available processed to highest USDA standards, dry-aged 2 weeks, cut and Cry-o-Vac packed to your specs. We can help with the cut sheet so you are sure to receive the things you want. Cost is $1800 per side all finished for you as noted above. $1750 for orders placed before April 15th with 50% deposit. Many references available. Thank you for your support of local agriculture.

Respecting the Protein, PMB

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