New England Grass Fed | Shipping? Yeah, We’ve Got That…
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Shipping? Yeah, We’ve Got That…

Shipping? Yeah, We’ve Got That…

We are surrounded by some of the nation’s best grazing land here in coastal New England. Cool-season grasses, salt fog influence and a long grazing season enable us to raise top-quality 100% grass-fed beef “LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY”. Our ongoing efforts to expand brand footprint and increase market penetration frequently put us in contact with people for whom pick-up or local delivery of product would not be practical. Every week we get shipping requests from vacationing couples, business travelers and relocated ex-pats. Until now the answer has been NO as we have been exploring environmentally responsible shipping solutions.

Today we are pleased to announce our new collaborative relationship with New England Agricultural Exchange, an online marketplace of the very best small-batch New England artisan-made foods and products – You can find and discover current and future favorites all in one convenient place. Choose from Appleton Farms Blue Cheese or smoked mussels, stone-ground mustard, fancy ketchup or local sea salt, fresh Atlantic haddock or cold-water lobsters, baked goods, candied nuts, coffee and chocolate. Or choose one of their gourmet boxes full of specially selected pairings.

From founder Jamie Esdaile – “One of the things that makes New England unique is its abundance of quaint towns and amazing places to visit. Along the way we are sure to find local food treasures – an old recipe or a new take on an historic trade. Each of these items tells the story of a New Englander’s hard work and perseverance. The goal of NEAX is to help small businesses expand their reach and make their products more accessible to you. We believe in supporting our region and the many producers who make it special”.

Jamie and his team will be including New England Grass Fed beef among their boxed offerings and will be shipping out 10 and 20 pound mixed Pasture Packs on request. Retail portions of steaks and ground beef arrive processed to highest USDA standards, frozen and individually Cry-o-Vac packaged for long-term storage. Choose from T-Bones, Rib Eyes, Sirloin, Sirloin Tips, Flank, London Broil, filet mignon and ground beef for great burgers. We look forward to fulfilling orders for your family, special friends and colleagues who have been missing out on the finest pasture-grown beef anywhere. Let us know how to customize a box for you.

Respecting the Protein, PMB

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