New England Grass Fed | Testimonials
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Scott Kirmil, The Wharf Pub Newport and Diego’s Restaurants

The meats we purchase from New England Grass Fed and serve to our guests have been an amazing addition to several menus in our restaurant group. From the delicious burgers we serve at The Wharf Pub in Newport to our braised and smoked beef tacos and pork sausages at Diego’s Barrio Cantina, all have been a huge hit with guests. Always fun to serve something that’s been raised with care right around the corner that stands out among wholesale vendor products. We hope to continue to grow with Martin and Cloverbud Ranch.

Jonathan Cambra, Director of Culinary Operations, Roger Williams University

I was cooking at  Castle Hill Inn about six years ago when Martin brought in a sampling of grass fed beef for our team to try.  It was incredibly tasty – unlike any beef I had tasted before in my culinary career.  The fat had a different color and taste, the meat had a nice natural beef smell that came through during the cooking process.  His passion, vision and dedication to caring for the animals and the land that supports them is what makes the difference for me.  Fast forward several years and we are still enjoying the beef you raise today at Cloverbud ranch.

George Ross

“The first thing that you notice, other than Martin Beck’s awesome customer service and enthusiasm, is the color of the meat…it is reddish and not pinkish.  When cooked it simply does not taste like any meat I had every bought from a supermarket…it was flavorful, rich and incredibly tasty.  I am a new convert to Grass Fed Beef…and how cool is it that these animals were fed in pastures and NOT in a factory farm !!

You will not be disappointed”

From Matt M – Yardley, PA

My family has been with New England Grass Fed from the beginning…..Martin has educated me on the virtues of grass fed beef vs. feedlot beef. His passion for the science and his determination to build a relevant brand was infectious. I helped him find source herds in western PA for yearlings to put on RI pasture. Every year I take half a steer with a friend and will do so until I’m not here to. We respect this special protein from the time before fast food. Makes me a better cook and grillmaster.

From Melissa M – Exeter, RI

Buying meat from Martin  is an investment in my family’s  health.  He has become like extended family always going out of his way for us.  He is never too busy and truly cares about how my children are fed, the health and happiness of his animals, and the protection of the environment.

Chef Andy Texeira from Newport Vineyards

Partnering up with new England Grass Fed has been  a rewarding experience for my team. When Martin comes to deliver or stop by to check in he always brings passion and enthusiasm for our craft, coupled with amazing products that really make my job a ton easier. New England Grass Fed is something every chef should get to work with.