New England Grass Fed | The World Tour of Chevon
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The World Tour of Chevon

The World Tour of Chevon

We are excited to announce our first-ever collaboration with Public Kitchen & Bar in the Renaissance Providence Hotel on a remarkable All Star Guest Chef goat-centric dinner next month on Thursday 3/27.

“The World Tour of Chevon” will feature five dishes prepared by five accomplished Rhode Island chefs committed to local organic produce and proteins. They will offer creative preparations of the world’s most popular red meat from a variety of different cuisine traditions. Chevon is delicious, environmentally sustainable, easily digestible, lean, healthy and underserved on modern American tables outside of ethnic enclaves. We expect to taste North Africa, the Caribbean, Greece, Portugal and France with special wine pairings to accompany each course. The wonderful earthy flavor of fresh goat’s milk and cheese will be celebrated with some special amuse-bouche bites and in the dessert.

Host chef Willis Stepp will welcome Rich Silvia from The White Horse Tavern and Tim Sousa from The Tavern on Broadway (both in Newport) for this special one-night event. They will be joining forces in the kitchen with two other talented chefs from Providence who are currently finalizing their commitments to us at presstime.

Tim expects to present the salad course – Jamaican jerk roasted goat leg in an avocado cup with champagne, mango, avocado, bean and corn salsa, coconut vinaigrette and a crispy plantain.

Rich’s entree will acknowledge his Portuguese roots. He will pair chevon from Hidden Meadow Farm in West Greenwich, RI with local Narragansett Bay clams – braised with house made goat and pork chourico, white beans, Portuguese pimenta & wihte wine. It will be finished with a deconstructed gremolata of parsley oil, minced preserved lemon and black garlic puree with grilled bread. Damn…

Let us know if you would like more information on menu details and price as our remaining details get worked out. We expect to sell out the 50 seats and would be honored with the pleasure of your attendance that evening.

Respecting the Protein, PMB

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