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Your Buying Club at Work

Your Buying Club at Work

We would like to inspire you to organize a few colleagues / friends at work who might make a periodic bulk purchase of our outstanding 100% grass-fed beef enjoyed by home chefs and top chefs all across southern New England. Our special product is the PASTURE PACK – enjoy 20 pounds mixed (choose the cuts you like) for $200, saving you 10% – 12% on your favorite cuts of pasture-grown beef and pork.

Beef is processed to highest USDA standards at Johnston and Westerly, dry-aged two weeks, and Cry-O-Vac sealed for long freezer life. Order a Pasture Pack for your family or share one with a neighbor. As herd manager for your group you will receive a $50 New England Grass Fed gift certificate for every 5 Pasture Packs purchased.

GRASS-FED BEEF PASTURE PACK – 20 lbs. for $200 – Special requests welcome….

Usually includes: 4 lbs. Rib Eye and /or T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks
3 lbs. London Broil (Shoulder Steak)
6 lbs. Ground Beef (Burgers, Meatloaf, sauces)
4 lbs. Pot Roast or Stew Cubes
3 lbs.Short Ribs or Shanks (Braising Cuts)
Participants should communicate with us re. special requests and payment arrangements. Cash or check welcome. $10 additional bank processing fee if paid by card. Pasture Packs individually boxed and delivered to your location in one drop for small fee. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and circulate this among your people..


New England Grass Fed grows top-quality 100% grass-fed beef, goat and rabbit LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY in rotational grazing program on free-range contract pasture (land we don’t own). We are passionate about raising chemical-free beef cattle in a manner that respects their natural design on pasture that sustains them.

We find spiritual presence in accepting the gift in gratitude. Cattle are grazing ruminants designed to eat ONLY grass. Our grass-finished meat has incredible powerful deep beef FLAVOR due to diverse high-quality managed pasture & superior NUTRITIONAL PROFILE (Omega-3, Vitamin A, E, beta-carotenes, CLA) compared with grain-finished beef.

We focus on growing cross-bred Red Devons, an old English heritage breed that retains the ability to fatten to an amazing standard in pasture program delivering tasty, moist 100% grass-fed beef onto your plate. That is our differential quality that we believe sets us apart from other local beef options..

Our beef costs more than feedlot and local grain-finished options due to the functions of SPACE and TIME. Access to good pasture is a significant financial commitment and beef cattle take 6-8 months longer to finish to high culinary standard on grass compared with other methods.

We seek out people who share our values and look forward to telling you more about healthy, efficient, low-input pastured meat animals that don’t need drugs, provide enormous environmental / organic soil benefit to our local food system and deliver sustainable economic value up and down the supply chain.

I would love to explore these subjects with you in greater detail and show you how we are messaging “the good meat” and building value into our brand with storytelling and support from our source herds, chefs and grazing partners…

Respecting the Protein, PMB

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